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Todays transportation industry is under constant scrutiny to be safe,secure, efficient, and on time. All of this calls for technology to be implemented intelligently to provide cost effective tracking, monitoring and communication solutions.

We have created solutions for the transportation industry to effectively monitor, track and provide video / GPS / Communication solutions. Our solutions are customizable and upgradeable to accomodate our clients immediate and future requirements. Over the past 15 years, Our greatest strength has been to develop turnkey custom software and hardware solutions for various industries nationwide. We invite you to take a closer look at our full line of products and services.
Digital Video Recording Systems that can support up to 16 cameras. Audio and Video Recording.
Access through high speed wireless connections.
Real time and archived audio / video download capabilities.
GPRS and CDMA connectivity solutions to the transport vehicle for two
way audio and video Interface with RFID systems for passenger and bus identification. Interface with GPS systems for real-time or depot
based tracking.

napshot of a video from some bus cameras. (faces have been blurred intentionally).

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